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Best dog braces buying guide

The Best 8 Dog Braces – 2021 Buying Guide

The Best 8 Dog Braces – 2021 Buying Guide 814 571 Thug Dogs

Choosing from the best dog braces can help alleviate your dog’s suffering; a dog knee brace can be one solution, or another might be a hock brace if your dog’s problem is arthritis or joint pain.

Because we love our dogs, we hate to see them in pain or suffering from any illness. If your beloved dog struggles with arthritis, CCL (cranial cruciate ligament), or ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) problems, you know you must do something. Sometimes even the most straightforward injury, such as sprains, need extra support to help ease the pain.

A dog brace will help support the leg muscles and knee joints, give your dog back most of his mobility and help the healing process. A dog’s mobility is crucial for health, both mental and physical. Fitting the best type of brace for your dog’s injury or condition might be an alternative route rather than expensive and sometimes risky surgery.

If this is the first time you’ve had to face this problem, we understand that finding the perfect dog brace will not be easy. That’s where we come in; we’ve researched for you and selected a cross-section of dog braces, whatever your best friend’s specific problem.

We’re confident you’ll find precisely what you’re looking for in our list of best dog braces.

Labra Extra Supportive Joint Wrap For Dogs

Amazon link: CLICK HERE

The Labra joint wrap is a hock brace and not for your dog’s knees. If the problem is in the dog’s knee, then this is the wrong brace. However, the Labra will help give extra support to the whole leg, including the knee.

If arthritis is your dog’s issue, then the Labra hock brace would help your dog regain some of his mobility.

The brace is flexible neoprene, so it will help stabilize the leg without compromising your dog’s movements. However, the brace is sturdy and will stand up to the wear and tear your dog will put the brace through.

The Labra is a compression brace that will support the entire back leg. Thinking about other types of injuries your dog may sustain, this joint wrap might help prevent your dog from chewing and licking at those wounds.

Labra dog joint brace

The Labra is vet-approved and exceeds the requirements of certified veterinarians. When you first fit the brace on your dog, leave it in place for an hour or so first; it will allow your dog to get used to the feel and to ensure there’s no irritation. If your dog seems fine after a while, then you can extend the amount of time.

Why We Like It: The Labra brace is excellent for maintaining your dog’s stability and movement and also applying sufficient pressure along the entire length of the dog’s rear leg.

Key Features

  • Compression support for the rear leg.
  • Protection for wound injuries.
  • Hock brace that also supports the knee.
  • Vet-approved.
  • Supports joint issues.
  • Flexible neoprene.
  • Straightforward to use.
  • Ideal for dogs with arthritis.
  • Four sizes.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee.


Agon Dog Front Leg Brace

Amazon link: CLICK HERE

Dogs typically suffer from arthritis in the knees, elbows, hips, and shoulders. The Agon leg brace is a compression wrap for a dog’s front leg. If your dog has arthritis in this area in one or both legs, this joint wrap will provide excellent support. The smaller size of the Agon means you can better target the precise location of the joint causing the pain.

The Agon will support various knee problems from ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), CCL (cranial cruciate ligament) injuries, arthritis, after surgery support, leg limping, fatigue, and knee stabilization following injury.

Agon dog brace

The Agon brace will help to stabilize the dog’s knee joint and features two velcro straps for quick and easy adjustments. Compressing the joint in this way allows the dog’s mobility, he might not regain 100% of his mobility, but it will undoubtedly be a huge help. Immobilizing the dog’s knee joint in this way can reduce pain and inflammation.

Wearing the brace for some time can also provide support when your dog isn’t wearing the brace.

The Agon knee brace is 70% neoprene and 30% nylon, making the brace flexible and will not restrict the dog’s movements.

Why We Like It: The Agon brace provides direct compression to the knee joint and is excellent support for dogs suffering from arthritis of the knees.

Key Features

  • Excellent arthritis support.
  • The brace works to increase mobility and reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Reduces limping.
  • Positive help for ACL AND CCL injuries.
  • Neoprene and Nylon for flexibility and hard-wearing.
  • Available in three sizes.
  • Velcro fastenings for straightforward adjustments.


IN HAND Dog Leg Brace

Amazon link: CLICK HERE

IN HAND dog leg brace comes as a pair and is available in two sizes. This particular brace is a hock joint wrap, not a knee brace, specifically for use on a dog’s front legs. It might be advisable to support both legs in a brace even if only one leg has suffered the injury or has arthritis.

You should apply the brace for a few hours at a time. Every two to three hours, remove the brace to allow the leg to breathe and take off the brace at night.

The braces have two metal strips down the brace sides to add extra stability, allowing for more robust support and increased mobility. The velcro fastening straps have reflective material on them.

IN HAND dog braces

The brace is high-quality neoprene, which is exceptionally soft and hard-wearing. It’s also waterproof, so relatively safe for your dog to wear on rainy days.

Correctly sizing the leg brace is extremely important, and as there are only two sizes available in this model, you need to ensure they have the correct fit for your dog. The three velcro strips will allow some leeway on sizing, but it pays to measure your dog carefully.

Weighing only 3.2 ounces, your dog will hardly even notice he’s wearing a leg brace once the initial sensation has worn off.

Why We Like It: The IN HAND leg brace has two metal spring supports for greater protection and increased stability and mobility.

Key Features

  • Metal spring strips down each side add stability and give extra mobility.
  • Flexible and waterproof neoprene material.
  • Shockproof.
  • Purchase includes one pair of leg braces.
  • Ideal for arthritic dogs.
  • Disabled dogs can benefit from these leg braces.
  • Available in two sizes.
  • Reflective velcro fastening straps.


Labra Dog Stifle Brace Wrap

Amazon link: CLICK HERE

If your dog has sadly suffered a severe knee injury such as a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) or a luxating patella, the Labra dog stifle brace is an excellent choice. This particular brace could be an option instead of paying for costly surgery and without the long rehabilitation time afterward.

In fact, any severe knee injury can benefit from the use of this brace.

There is a range of sizes, and you’ll need to check your dog’s size carefully; the braces are not for small dog breeds. For the brace to work correctly, you’ll fit a chest harness, and you must purchase them separately.  But the brace comes with a secure hip strap that goes over the dog’s back and fastens to the opposite back leg.

Labra dog knee brace

This brace would be an ideal choice if your dog has already undergone surgery and is rehabilitating.

Should your dog be ultra-sensitive to anything attached to his legs, this brace might be difficult for them because it’s a pretty substantial brace that incorporates a metal hinge and heavier fabric. These are all components that make this brace worth the purchase price, but they might not suit every dog.

Ensure you take accurate measurements, so the brace fits correctly and is comfortable for your dog.

Why We Like It: The knee stifle brace ensures there is ample support for severe knee injuries. The brace can be an alternative to surgery and also for rehabilitation use after major surgery.

Key Features

  • Excellent support for severe knee injuries.
  • Hip strap secures on the opposite hind leg.
  • Helps in the rehabilitation of knee injuries.
  • Alternative to surgery.
  • Rigid metal support system.
  • Not suitable for small breeds.
  • Heavy-duty material.


Ortocanis Original Knee Brace for Dogs

Amazon link: CLICK HERE

The Ortocanis knee brace for dogs is a superior quality back-leg brace. It is beneficial for dogs that have suffered severe knee injuries such as ACL and kneecap dislocation. The knee brace promotes fast recovery from injury by providing the optimal joint temperature. This helps to increase blood circulation to the injured joint and to improve oxygen delivery.

Increasing the joint’s temperature will help calm inflammation reducing the pain caused by osteoarthritis and cruciate ligament issues.

High-performance neoprene with enhanced elasticity ensures the brace molds to the dog’s leg shape. Even if your dog is a long-haired variety, the brace will not trap the hairs, causing pain when the dog moves.

OrtoCanis neoprene dog knee brace

The knee brace’s design and manufacture ensure the maximum comfort level without restricting the dog’s mobility.

The upper belt fits over the dog’s hips to hold the brace securely in place. If you find the strap slips down your dog’s hips, you might need the knee brace fastening belt pack, which you buy separately. But try out the knee brace first because you might not need the belt pack.

Why We Like It: The Ortocanis is a handmade knee brace manufactured to exacting and veterinary standards; the brace is ideal for fast recovery and pain relief.

Key Features

  • Aluminum splints provide excellent stability.
  • Supportive design.
  • Flexible sizing options for a range of small to large dogs.
  • The knee brace is simple to fit.
  • Handmade superior quality.
  • Insulating material.
  • Improves muscle and joint recovery.
  • Veterinarian quality.


NeoAlly Super Supportive Dog Braces for Rear Leg

Amazon link: CLICK HERE

These NeoALLY dog braces are for the rear legs and are a short version for smaller dogs. If you’re looking for leg braces for your small dog or your dog has short legs, then these braces would make the ideal choice. The NeoALLY are perfect for tiny joints and provide a nice snug fit for added support.

You buy these braces as a pair; the manufacturers insist that should a dog injure one leg, the dog needs to wear a pair of braces to prevent any imbalances that lead to an injury occurring to the second leg.

Forming semi-rigid stabilization support are two removable metal spring strips; this helps speed up injury recovery time. Once your dog is well on the way to recovery, you can take out the metal strips and use the brace until the dog regains full mobility. The metal strips do not come into contact with the dog’s skin.

NeoAlly super supportive dog brace

Once you have measured your dog correctly and chosen the best size, the adjustable velcro straps will ensure no brace movement on your dog’s leg.

The brace is perforated neoprene which ensures the brace is comfortable and breathable. However, you must not leave the brace on your dog all night.

Other uses for the brace include covering a wound to prevent your dog from scratching, nibbling, or licking the wound.

Why We Like It: The NeoALLY dog brace is designed to suit smaller dogs and dogs with shorter legs. It can be challenging to find braces to fit small dogs snugly.

Key Features

  • Ideal sizing for small dogs.
  • Reflective material on the velcro straps.
  • Dual metal spring inserts (removable).
  • They are purchased as a pair.
  • Wound protection.
  • Perforated neoprene.


VANVENE Extra Supportive Dog Front Hock Joint Wrap 

Amazon link: CLICK HERE

The Vanvene extra supportive leg wrap is a whole front leg wrap for the hock joint; it’s not designed for the knee joint. However, being an entire leg wrap, it’s perfect for covering wounds preventing your dog from licking or pulling at stitches, etc.

The wrap is an insulating material that provides heat to the injured area or muscles; this increases blood flow and aids faster recovery. If your dog suffers from aching, stiff, or arthritic joints, the heat from the wrap will reduce pain and inflammation.

Vanvene extra supportive dog leg brace

The wrap protects the whole leg, is excellent for severe injuries and wounds, and provides the extra stabilization your dog may need. Using the wrap will also help keep your dog mobile, which is essential for dogs with stiff joints and arthritis not to stop exercising.

While the wrap does provide support and aids mobility, it isn’t a compression wrap; it will not be tight enough around the leg.

The material (neoprene) is quite thick, so there might be some restriction of movement, and it’s not small enough to fit tiny dogs such as miniature terriers.

Why We Like It: For dogs that require a wrap to protect open wounds, stitches, or for some reason, injuries to their front legs, the Vanvene is an excellent choice.

Key Features

  • Provides support to the whole front leg.
  • Remains in place.
  • Excellent for wound or injury protection.
  • Thick neoprene traps heat, aiding a faster recovery.
  • Excellent support wear for at home but will restrict movement outside.
  • Ideal for larger dogs or dogs with longer legs.
  • Does not offer knee support.


AGON Dog Rear Hock Joint Brace Compression Wrap

Amazon link: CLICK HERE

If you’re looking for a hock joint compression wrap type brace at a very reasonable price, the Agon dog rear hock compression wrap is a perfect choice.

The wrap will help against the pain from injury or after surgery. It will help stabilize the dog’s joint and give them the extra support they need while the heat generated by the wrap reduces inflammation.

The brace’s design and shape will provide specific support for the dog’s rear back leg joints.

Agon dog braces are made from a smooth mesh sheet that is entirely comfortable for your dog to wear without irritation or hurting, or pinching the skin. The nylon material is highly robust but extremely flexible.

The adjustable velcro straps make it easy to attach the brace to the dog and make it tight enough so the brace doesn’t slip down the dog’s leg and is held in the correct position to provide the best support.

Agon rear hock dog leg brace

If your dog is still happy to go outside even in wet weather, don’t be concerned because the brace is easy to wash and dry.

It’s not the most secure brace; if you have a determined dog focused on removing the brace,  he will be able to tug it off eventually. But the brace is an excellent choice if your dog is relaxed about something attached to his legs.

Why We Like It: The Agon rear leg brace is affordable and will help your dog recover from injury more quickly. It’s also excellent for joint support for dogs with stiff or arthritic joints.

Key Features

  • Highly affordable brace.
  • Targeted support of arthritic or stiff joints.
  • Easy to wash and dry material.
  • Smooth mesh sheet nylon.
  • Adjustable velcro straps.
  • Four available size options.
  • Robust and flexible material.


Benefits Of Knee Braces For Dogs

Benefits of the knee braces for dogs

While many dog owners appreciate a knee brace can help their dog with stiff joints and arthritis issues, they might not fully understand the exact ways in which braces help. Some of the ways a knee brace can be helpful are:


Braces improve weight distribution

A knee brace helps keep the weight off an injured or stiff knee joint. This helps in two ways; the recovery period is sooner, and your dog stays relatively mobile.


Additional support

A brace will help support the joint, which means your dog can go about his everyday life.


Improved mobility

A knee brace will help to keep a joint in the correct position so your dog will be able to move more freely while the joint is still healing.


Knee Braces and pain relief

While a knee brace isn’t some kind of pain killer, putting weight on an injured or arthritis joint can cause severe pain; a knee brace supporting the joint takes the pressure off the joint, that action alleviates pain.


Alternative to surgery

Dog brace can be an alternative to surgery

In some cases, surgery isn’t advisable due to medical complications, or the injury isn’t severe enough to warrant surgery yet still causes a lot of pain. In cases like these, a knee brace can be a viable alternative.


A Knee Brace For Injury

Torn ACL/CCL injuries are common with dogs, and a ligament injury such as this causes a severe amount of pain. A correctly fitted dog knee brace will help alleviate the pain from the injury and, in many cases, can help heal the damage without resorting to surgery. You will need expert advice from your vet before making this decision; however, a knee brace can bring positive results in some cases.



Sad as it is, sometimes dog owners simply don’t have the money available for costly surgery that can run into thousands of dollars plus the ongoing rehabilitation costs. They just put surgery out of reach for some dog owners. Knee braces can relieve a dog suffering joint pain or arthritis for a much smaller financial outlay.


What To Look For When Buying A Dog Knee Brace

There aren’t that many choices for buying a knee brace for dogs; however, you still need to choose wisely because picking the wrong brace will not help your dog recover properly and will ultimately be a waste of money for you.

Dachshund needs a dog brace after the surgery

Before buying a dog knee brace, consider these essential factors before you spend your money:


The brace needs to be comfortable but fit snugly

The brace must stay in the correct position during all your dog’s activities. You need to place it comfortable without restricting movement and tight enough to stay in place and do the job correctly. If you buy a brace and aren’t 100% sure how to fit it perfectly, have a word with your vet.


The best dog knee braces provide support

A good knee brace offers the maximum support around the dog’s injured knee and the muscles around that area. The best knee braces cover most of the leg and sometimes extend across the dog’s back to the opposite leg.


Pick a Comfortable brace for your dog

Every dog is different; material that suits one dog might irritate another. Choose the best material; some expensive braces might offer more comfort by putting extra padding in known pressure points; other manufacturers use flexible and breathable fabrics.


A brace should be quick and straightforward to use

Braces typically have to come on and off during the day and usually left off altogether at night. Picking a brace that makes this job quicker and easier will save a lot of frustration for you and your dog.


Choose a Brace made from quality material

You should choose a brace that will offer the best support while still providing a comfortable and snug fit. Remember, your dog might be wearing this brace for some months. So choose a brace from high-quality material. Excellent material is a breathable neoprene, which will provide a lightweight, comfortable, yet snug fit.


Best Dog Knee Braces: Final Words

Dogs are family, and if they get injured or are sick, we want to do whatever possible to cure the illness or fix the pain. When a dog gets older and begins to suffer from stiff, painful joints or arthritis or has an injury where surgery isn’t going to work, a dog knee brace might be the only solution to ease the pain and suffering.

Do you have any other dog braces you could recommend? Let us know in the comments!

Can dogs eat jalapenos?

Can Dogs Eat Jalapenos? Are Jalapenos Toxic To Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Jalapenos? Are Jalapenos Toxic To Dogs? 814 692 Thug Dogs

Can dogs eat jalapenos? Excellent question, and the answer is, they can eat the spicy pepper because it’s non-toxic, but they shouldn’t. Jalapenos are a popular ingredient that people love to add to their recipes. However, because we eat them and they even have some health benefits, it doesn’t follow they are a food that owners should feed their dogs.

If your dog has managed to get hold of a couple of jalapeno peppers, it’s doubtful they’ll do your dog any harm. Spicy peppers are not going to have many positive effects on your dog’s digestive system, even if there are no direct and immediate consequences such as stomach pain, vomiting, or diarrhea.

Dogs possess a much less developed sense of taste than us humans. For example, we have over 9000 taste buds compared to dogs, who possess on average 1700 taste buds. The extra taste buds give us up to a six-fold increase in our sense of taste, meaning we can tell the difference between thousands of different flavors. Dogs can tell the difference between salt, sour, bitter, and sweet.

Because of a dog’s muted sense of taste, the jalapeno is probably already hitting their stomach before the dog even realizes it’s spicy. If there is going to be a digestive problem, it’s already too late.

Can Dogs Eat Jalapeno Peppers?

As I mentioned, there’s nothing toxic in jalapenos, so there’s no need to panic if your dog inadvertently gets hold of one or two. But, it’s rare to find a dog enjoying spicy foods; usually, dogs react in strange ways when they encounter something spicy. They might lick their lips, sneeze, and swallow constantly; I’ve even seen dogs dive for the water bowl, strange as that may seem.

Jalapeno peppers aren't good for dogs

Besides, it’s hard to imagine a dog searching for a spicy pepper themselves unless it’s food a human is eating, and the dog wants to share.

Large dog breeds would probably have to eat many jalapenos to get sick, but even small amounts of spicy pepper might be enough to cause a severe stomach upset for toy dogs.


Are Jalapenos Bad For Dogs?

Jalapenos, along with several spicy and even non-spicy peppers, have plenty of health benefits for humans. However, if you’ve heard from other dog owners or read it somewhere that spicy peppers are suitable for your dog and contain health benefits, I wouldn’t advise you to take any notice.

Any minor health benefit your dog will see from eating spicy jalapeno peppers doesn’t compare to the risk of a gastrointestinal problem your dog might subsequently suffer.

In addition, your dog’s metabolism is not the same as yours. Metabolism works by breaking down food and turning it into energy. A dog’s metabolism cannot break down food the same way as your body can.

There is plenty of information you can find online that lists foods that are toxic for dogs. However, as a responsible dog owner, you should never assume that because a particular type of food doesn’t appear on a list somewhere, it’s safe for your dog to eat.


Can Dogs Eat Jalapeno Chips?

As dog owners, we all love to treat our pets to a little bit of what we’re eating. It’s natural and understandable. Besides, how can you possibly pretend you can’t see your fur buddy sitting there, their eyes following your hand from the snack bag or plate to your mouth.

Tortilla  chips with jalapenos

But because we’re responsible pet owners and want to ensure our dogs stay as fit and healthy as possible, we have to draw the line at some snacks.

Jalapeno chips are one of those snacks. There’s no nutritional value whatsoever in jalapeno chips. Forget jalapenos themselves do nothing for your dog’s digestive system, except maybe cause your dog to vomit or have diarrhea; look at what goes into typical chips. Potatoes, sunflower or canola oil, dextrose, salt, sugar, maltodextrin, onion powder, spices, yeast, garlic powder, and jalapeno powder. There are half a dozen ingredients on that list we should never feed to our dogs.


Can Dogs Eat Jalapeno Poppers?

For those readers unaware of what a jalapeno popper is, let me explain. Take a whole spicy jalapeno, hollow out the pepper and stuff it with a mixture of ground meat, cheese, and spices. Whoever is cooking them can dip them in breadcrumbs or not and deep fry them. Sometimes, the poppers can be wrapped in bacon and then deep-fried.

Homemade breaded jalapeno poppers

They might make a delicious snack for humans, but healthy they are not, for dogs or humans.

In addition, if your dog manages to steal one or a few before you get around to cooking them, there’s the added health hazard of raw bacon. There can be bacteria in the bacon that might give your dog food poisoning. Even if there are no bacteria in the meat, pork is very fatty and rich, and plenty of dogs can’t tolerate pork.


Can Dogs Eat Jalapeno Cheetos?

An excellent reason for not feeding your dog jalapeno Cheetos is they are eating empty calories. Everything your dog consumes adds up to calories that should come off his daily calorific allowance.

Cheetos have zero nutritional value. You’re probably not going to reduce his usual food by the number of empty Cheetos calories, so you’ll end up overfeeding your dog. The result is obesity, heart, lungs, bones, and joint problems for your beloved dog down the road.

In addition, there are several ingredients in Cheetos that are particularly bad for your dog’s health. For example, there’s high saturated fat and added salt, onion, and garlic powders. Plus, of course, the jalapeno spiciness, which, as we’ve mentioned, can lead to digestive issues.

If you feel guilty eating your Cheetos in front of your dog without offering him one or two, may I suggest for your health sake and your dog’s you find a healthier snack?



So, can dogs eat jalapenos? They can if you feed it to them. However, it’s a terrible idea. Any nutritional value to your dog is by far outweighed by the possible harm it will do to your dog’s digestive tract. In addition, you might make your dog feel particularly uncomfortable and miserable with vomiting and diarrhea in the short term.

How to stop your dogs chasing chickens

6 STEPS – How to stop your dog chasing or killing chickens

6 STEPS – How to stop your dog chasing or killing chickens 800 606 Thug Dogs

Whether you have a small homestead with backyard chickens, or your neighbour’s keep a coup for eggs, one of the hardest things can be to teach your dog not to attack chickens or other animals. So how to stop your dog chasing or killing chickens?

Whether you have a Labrador that’s programmed to attack  birds like chickens or a herding dog like a Bordoodle that loves to chase them, you’ll be relieved to know that dogs of any age can be taught to stop harassing poultry. Although it is best to start with puppies.

Can you teach a dog not to chase chickens?

It is much easier to teach a puppy to ignore chickens than an adult dog, especially if the adult has already chased or killed a bird in the past. The action of having already killed their prey is rewarding enough to make it very difficult to stop in future, and the dog may need to be separated from chickens altogether.

Dog with baby chickens

Many dogs can be counter-conditioned with proper training to stop attacking livestock, but if they have done it once, they may always need to be monitored. Certain breeds have higher prey drives than others, and can also be harder to train when it comes to farmyard animals. This includes mixed breeds with high prey drives such as the German Shepherd Greyhound mix.

Nevertheless,  there are steps you can take to stop your dog attacking poultry.


Steps to teaching your dog to ignore chickens

Step 1: Do not allow your dog near the chickens on their own

Regardless of whether you have brought home a rescue dog or just purchased a new puppy, seeing a chicken can trigger a dog’s natural play or prey drive. Unfortunately, taking off after a bird is self-rewarding behavior. All the feathers and the squawking are extremely exciting.

This means that your dog won’t hear calls or shouts to stop, and if you punish them afterwards, they won’t connect the dots. So to set your dog up for success to begin with by cutting off their access to the chickens altogether.


Step 2: Start your puppy or dog on basic obedience

Before letting your dog anywhere near any chickens, start building their responses to basic obedience commands. This will mean a little more than the average sit or down—although those are important too.

Your dog should also learn to:

  • Look at you on command
  • “Leave it”
  • And build focus on interesting high value items like a favorite squeaky toy.

To achieve this, you can use a clicker to mark the behavior you want—your dog’s focus on you—followed by positive reinforcement with a treat. Gradually, you can introduce the command “look at me” to get their attention when you need it.

Dog training at home

Similarly, you also need to teach them to “Leave it”. This is done by starting with a low value item they are not particularly interested in, saying “leave it”, and trading it for something they like better. Gradually build up the value of the item they have so that they learn no matter how interesting something is, if you say “leave it” you will always give them something better.

Not all dogs are particularly food motivated. So for some, you will need to build their focus on something they like more. If they love chasing a ball, spend time fostering and encouraging that interest. This way, any time you are holding a ball, you should have their full attention.


Step 3: Start counter-conditioning your dog not to chase chickens

Once you know how to keep your dog’s attention and your pup understands basic obedience commands, you can begin introducing the chickens. To begin with, you are not going to close enough for your dog to get excited. An excited dog can be overstimulated and quickly forget everything you have taught it, putting you back at square one.

Keep your dog on a long line, about 25 feet, and approach the chickens from a distance. Stop before your dog gets too excited and ask them to look at you or at the toy. Reward your dog and make a fuss for giving you attention rather than the chickens. If your dog is too fascinated by the birds, move further away and try from a greater distance.

Traing your dog not to chase chickens


Step 4: Desentize your dog

It may take days, or weeks, but patience and consistency are key. Keep your dog on a long line as you approach the chickens and ask for their full attention while gradually working closer to the birds. You can practice obedience with positive reinforcement, or have fun play time. Try to close the distance between yourself, your dog, and the chickens without the dog noticing.


Step 5: Use the “leave it” command

By now you should have spent a lot of time working on the “Leave it” command. As you get closer to the chickens, use it every time your dog looks in their direction. Follow up with a distraction, such as a favorite toy or a snack.

Traing your dog to stop chasing chickens with a toy

Do not wait until your dog is actively lunging at the bird to say “leave it”. Rather, time the command just as your dog looks in their direction. With enough counter-conditioning and rewarding your dog for ignoring the chickens, the pup should soon learn that it’s better to pay them not mind at all.


Step 6: Manage the environment

Finally, if you have a dog that has already killed chickens, or just a dog with an extremely high prey drive, set them up for success by stopping access to the chickens altogether. This is especially true for dogs who are going after a neighbor’s birds, since they are legally within their rights to euthanize the dog for damaging or endangering their property.

Secure fences where you have to or build new ones. Furthermore, make sure your dog has appropriate ways to use their hunting instinct. This can mean playing fetch or using a lure with them more often. It can also mean upping the amount of exercise and mental stimulation they get in general to get rid of excess energy and keep them out of trouble.


What does not work to stop a dog killing chickens


Tying a dead chicken to a dog’s collar

There is an old wives’ tale that tying a dead chicken to a dog’s collar will stop them from hunting birds in the future. This simply is not true. At best, dogs are likely to be annoyed, confused and perhaps scared by the extra weight attached to them. More likely though, they will delight in it and either eat or try to role in it.


Shock collars

Shock collars can be effective training aids in the hands of a professional trainer who knows exactly when to use them and how. But, for most people, using an e-collar will backfire. If a dog is shocked when they are already chasing a bird, they will likely only get a shot of adrenaline that will spur them on further.

Don't train your dog with shock collar

On the other hand, an e-collar might teach them to only avoid the chickens while you are around. Or they might associate the shock with something else, such as being outside and become nervous and anxious about leaving the house. For this reason, e-collars are not a good choice when training a dog to leave chickens alone.


Final thoughts

Dogs love to chase squeaky and fluttery things, so chasing chickens is a very natural behavior. As a pet parent, it’s wise to expect your dog to run after birds and other animals and to act pre-emptively, rather than try to fix it afterwards.

Undoing the instinct to take off after chickens may take patience and persistence, but like all aspects of canine behavior, it is something that you can learn to manage and control.

TOP dog seat belt harnesses and crates of 2021

Top dog seat belt harnesses and crates of 2021

Top dog seat belt harnesses and crates of 2021 814 515 Thug Dogs

Driving with an unrestrained dog in your car is not only dangerous for your dog but potentially deadly for anyone in the vehicle. A 60-pound canine can become a 2700-pound missile in a collision. Similarly, a dog that isn’t wearing a dog seat belt and safety harness is a constant distraction to its driver, making them as much a hazard as talking on your phone.

So buckling your pup in while traveling is a no-brainer. But with the amount of dog and puppy car seatbelts available on Amazon, you can be forgiven for not knowing which ones will actually keep your dog safe. Many dog car seat belts and traveling crates are misleading when describing how much their product will really protect your pet.

So to help you out, we made a list of the best seatbelts, safety harnesses, and crates you can buy in 2021 to make sure your dog is safe while traveling.

Which states require a dog seat belt and harness?

In some states, choosing a safety harness and seatbelt isn’t only wise; it’s the law. The following states require that dogs be restrained appropriately while driving:

  • Connecticut,
  • Hawaii,
  • Maine,
  • Massachusetts,
  • Minnesota,
  • New Hampshire,
  • New Jersey,
  • and Rhode Island.


How do you know which dog seat belt and harness to choose?

Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as just picking the best-looking canine safety harness on Amazon. The vast majority of the products available are not actually crash-tested, have failed crash-tests, or have refused to get crash-tested.

In some cases, manufacturers have gotten their own third parties to crash-test their products, with no oversight to make sure the results are legitimate.

But here are Thug Dogs; we care about your pup, so our first order of business was to check that each product passed the Center for Pet Safety (CPS) crash tests and was CPS certified. After all, safety first.

So using CPS’s tested seatbelts, harnesses, and crates, here is our list of top products to keep your canine safe in any vehicle.


The Sleepypod Clickit Sport dog safety harness

The Sleepypod Clickit Sport comes in a handy four sizes (Sm, Med, Lg, XL). This harness is specifically designed to protect your dogs between 18 and 90 pounds in case of collision. It is built to work with your car’s existing seatbelt. So you don’t have to order a specific doggy seatbelt that may not be compatible with your vehicle.

Sleepypod dog car safety dog seat belt harness

Image credit: Sleepypod
Amazon link: CLICK HERE

For a tutorial on how to use this harness in the car, you can see this video:

The heavy-duty and durable design helps spread impact across the dog’s front to avoid hurting a specific area such as the neck or chest.

It boasts a padded vest and stress-tested buckles to make this one the safest pieces of gear you can choose for your dog. The only downside is that at $94.99, the harness is a little pricy. Luckily, with its durability, you shouldn’t have to buy more than one or two during your dog’s lifetime.


The Sleepypod Clickit Terrain car safety harness

Although more expensive on Amazon, the Sleepypod Terrain offers a few more safety features than the Sport. It uses metal hardware instead of plastic, making it stronger and more durable. It also uses shock-absorbing sleeves not found on the Sport.

Sleepypod Clickit Terrain car safety harness for dog seat belt

Image credit: Sleepypod
Amazon link: CLICK HERE

In addition to passing the CPS crash tests, the Terrain has also passed European and Canadian tests. So it’s probably one of the safest products on the market.

The price is deserved when factoring in the large variety of extra safety features. These include quick-release, extra-strength buckles, rear and front reflective patches for night visibility, and that it is also strength tested as a walking harness.


The ZuGoPet Rocketeer Pack car dog seat belt harness

One of the problems that sometimes arise with Sleepypod harnesses is that they aren’t always a good fit for small dogs. For that, we have the CPS-certified ZuGoPet Rocketeer Pack’s patented design harness.

ZuGoPet safety dog harness for dog seat belt

Image credit: ZuGoPet

Made for dogs that measure 9 to 19 inches from bottom to shoulder, this unique little harness was also reviewed by a veterinary orthopedic surgeon during the research and design phase.

Working something like a children’s car seat for canines, each pack includes:

  • Velcro Harness
  • Car Seat, Front-pack
  • Backpack / Front-pack Straps
  • Child Anchors for Rocketeer Pack
  • Headrest strap

The only downside to the neat little Rocketeer pack is that it can be difficult to strap in a hyperactive dog. At $175, it is one of the priciest harnesses on the list, although it is still far cheaper than the crates.


Away Pet Carrier

Winning points for stylishness, the Away Pet Carrier both passes the CPS test and scores high for sheer glitz and comfort. It boasts beautiful pastel colors with dark accents, multiple pockets, and water-resistant sherpa lining.

Away Pet Carrier

Image credit: Away Travel

Since it can be carried, taken on a plane, or buckled into your car, this is one of the most pragmatic choices for small dog owners; however, at around $273.00, it is a bit costly.


Gunner Kennel G1 series (Small, medium & intermediate)

With five stars from CPS, the Gunner Kennel G1 series is one of the highest-rated travel crates for pet safety. With the price ranging around $450, the cost is a little eyewatering. Still, one look at the Gunners performance against other crates in crash test footage makes it well worth the investment.

Gunner Kennel dog safety crate

Image credit: Gunner

The Gunner Kennel Range is double-wall rotomolded and claims to double the manufacturing process of Olympic-level kayaks. Gunner is so confident in their product, they offer a lifetime warranty.

Other features include stainless steel pins tested not to rip away on impact and a drainage system for easy cleaning.


Lucky Kennel Intermediate & Large with Lucky Strength-Rated Anchor Straps

Like the Gunner Range, the Lucky Duck kennels come with a lifetime warranty and a five-star score from CPS. Unfortunately, at $499.99, it is also with a steep price.

Lucky Duck kennel dog safety crate

Image credit: Lucky Duck
Find it on Amazon: HERE

Nevertheless, if safety is a crucial concern for your beloved pet, you can’t do much better than the Lucky Kennel. It is both durable and light, making it easily portable. It also has quick flip doors and a locking paddle latch you can open with one hand.

Other features include:

  • Drain channels and holes for easy cleaning
  • Powder-coated tie-downs
  • Heavy-duty handles
  • Non-slip rubber feet


A final word

While there are countless dog seat belts, harnesses, carriers, and crates flooding the market, don’t be duped by flashy products or lured by lower prices.

Bitterly few of the products available are properly crash-tested by a recognized authority. We all want to keep our fur babies as safe as possible, and this should extend to driving and traveling with them. So be sure to do your research before buying something that may not protect your dog in the worst-case scenario.