Can Bulldogs Eat Carrots? YEAH! But why?

Can Bulldogs eat carrots?

Can Bulldogs Eat Carrots? YEAH! But why?

Can Bulldogs Eat Carrots? YEAH! But why? 754 571 Thug Dogs

Have you ever wondered: Can Bulldogs eat carrots?

Think about this for a moment, you get your English Bulldog all excited about getting a treat, and you go to the cupboard and – “gasp,” you forgot to get your fur baby’s favorite treats. Now your dog is sitting there drooling in anticipation, and the cupboard is bare. What are you going to do? Do you feel wretched?

We’ve all been there; the guilty feeling is terrible. Does your adorable Bulldog have to go without? Not necessarily, because in your fridge is the ideal snack food for a Bulldog.

That’s right, you’ve got it! Carrots. Now at this stage, you don’t want your dog getting his hopes up again, so you’re frantically thinking, “can Bulldogs eat carrots?” Breathe a sigh of relief because not only can a Bulldog eat a carrot, but they happen to be an excellent healthy snack choice.

Are Carrots Nutritious For Bulldogs?

Yes, carrots provide several nutritional benefits for your Bulldog. It doesn’t matter which type of Bulldog you have, they can all safely eat carrots 😉
Check out the list below to give yourself some idea why carrots are beneficial to Bulldogs:


Carrots Are Excellent For Your Bulldog’s Dental Health

It cannot be understated how vital to your Bulldog’s overall condition is dental health. Surprisingly many owners are either not aware of this fact or choose to ignore the situation.

Vets recommend beginning dental maintenance when a Bulldog is just a puppy. It may sound strange when the dog loses their puppy teeth, but it’s a way of ensuring your Bulldog gets used to having a toothbrush shoved in its mouth. First of all, who wants to try and open their Bulldog’s mouth when they don’t feel like cooperating.

Everyone knows carrots are nice and crunchy when raw; chewing and gnawing on a carrot can help remove plaque from your Bulldog’s teeth before it hardens and turns to tartar.

However, if you give your Bulldog raw carrots, you’ll probably notice they don’t digest them. If you want your Bulldog to benefit from the nutrients in carrots and not just use them for teeth cleaning, you’ll need to cook the carrots until soft.


Carrots Are A Low Calorie And Low Fat Treat For Bulldogs

Carrots are a low-calorie treat if you’re starting to become concerned about your Bulldog’s weight. We all know Bulldogs can be a tad sedentary, and over time it can catch up with them, and on comes weight. So carrots are an excellent alternative to some of the more fattening treats.

However, be aware carrots do contain starch and sugars, so if your vet has put your Bully on a low-carb diet because of diabetes, check what’s the safe number of carrots your Bulldog can eat per week.

Bulldog wanting a carrot treat


Carrots Add Fiber To Your Bulldog’s Diet

If your Bulldog has a problem going regularly, then a medium carrot a day might help solve the issue. It’s best to start slowly, though, to ensure it doesn’t work the other way and you give them diarrhea.

Carrots contain pectin, which is a form of soluble fiber. Soluble fibers are excellent for slowing down the digestion of sugar and starch – good if your Bulldog is diabetic and your vet gives you the go-ahead to provide carrots to your dog.

Soluble fibers also help with the good bacteria in your dog’s gut.

There are also insoluble fibers in carrots such as cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin. These fibers are the ones that will help your Bulldog by helping to improve their bowel movements.


Carrots are a Source Of Beta-Carotene

Believe it or not, your dog is exposed to toxins every day of its life, from environmental pollution, smoke, pesticides, car exhausts, etc. Dogs eat grass, lick surfaces, breathe in environmental toxins like pesticides whenever they sniff at flowers or plants. When you take your Bulldog for a walk, toxins can get on their paws and even settle on their coats.

To help your Bulldog overcome this severe problem, the dog needs antioxidants. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Even in the most expensive dog foods, the added antioxidants will be synthetic, and your Bulldog might not be capable of utilizing the antioxidants.

For puppies, there are several antioxidants they need to boost their immune system; one of the most crucial is beta-carotene. This powerful antioxidant will increase antibody levels in the blood and is also essential for vaccine recognition.

As your Bulldog transitions into a senior dog, beta-carotene becomes crucial again because it helps to increase your Bulldog’s blood antibody levels.

Puppy bulldog running to receive a carrot


Carrots Are A Prime Source Of Vitamin A

Vitamin A is one of the essential vitamins and must be part of a Bulldog’s diet for their continued good health. Skin, coat, nerves, and muscles, To function correctly, must have a regular supply of vitamin A.

You can spot a vitamin A deficiency because the dog’s coat and skin will start to look unhealthy; your Bulldog might even experience night blindness. In addition, your dog will become weaker and weaker as its muscles deteriorate.

Vitamin A is crucial at all life stages but particularly when they are puppies.

One medium-sized carrot (60 grams) contains 500 micrograms of vitamin A. So if your Bulldog has a vitamin A issue, carrots can undoubtedly help. A word of caution: Vitamin A is fat-soluble, which means taking too much can cause a buildup in your Bulldog’s body, and over-dosing can cause toxicity.

If you suspect an issue with your Bulldog, follow the advice of your vet at all times.


How Many Carrots Should I Give My Bulldog?

Not every dog enjoys carrots, so don’t be disappointed if your dog turns their nose up. Carrots are low in calories and fat, as we mentioned. But carrots contain a reasonable amount of fiber.

In other words, take things slowly because the last thing you want is to upset your Bulldog’s tummy and possibly give them diarrhea.

If your Bulldog goes for carrots in a big way and can’t seem to get enough, you might try making them work a little to get a piece by using a treat dispenser.



Most importantly, consider the size of the pieces of carrot or the whole carrot. If your Bulldog is a bit of a gulper, you might not want to feed them baby carrots; they might get stuck. Only you know how your Bulldog is likely to eat a carrot, so take care and start offering carrots carefully if it’s a new food for your Bulldog.

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