Best Guard Dog For Apartments – TOP 5 list

Best Guard Dog For Apartments – TOP 5 list

Best Guard Dog For Apartments – TOP 5 list 814 553 Thug Dogs

Let’s take a look at the best guard dogs for apartments… When we think about guard dogs, certain breeds instantly spring to mind, such as the German Shepherd, Doberman, Bull Terrier, or Rottweiler. These breeds and others like them are large, powerful dogs that owners hope will instill fear into thieves and burglars, preventing them from breaking into our homes and generally protecting our families and us.

But what if you live in an apartment building and feel you need protection in the home and when you’re outside? Most apartment buildings have strict rules about animals, especially dogs. Even if they allow you to keep a dog, bringing a Doberman size breed into the building is almost certainly not going to be allowed.

I’m, speaking generally, your particular building might be okay with you living with a Great Dane, but typically that’s not allowed, especially if you’re renting.

In addition, certain breeds have legal issues with insurance companies, and local state laws can prohibit ownership of some ideal candidates for guard dogs that would be suitable for apartment living.

I think you’ll agree that choosing the best guard dog for apartments will be tricky and not at all easy.  Plus, of course, the final piece of the puzzle is choosing a dog you like; I mean, apartments by their nature tend to be smaller than houses, so you can’t choose a breed that is rambunctious or rowdy. In addition, many dogs shed like crazy, and you might have issues with dog hairs all over your furnishings, or you might have allergies.

Do you see what I mean? Finding the best guard dog for apartment living can be done, but it’s going to take some serious research. However, to give you a head start, we’ve come up with five dog breeds that will fit the bill and cover all the various contingencies you’ll likely come up against.

Continue reading to discover our choice of the five best guard dogs for apartments.


Best Guard Dog Breeds For Apartments



Most people recognize the Shar-Pei; they seem to have far too much skin for their puppy bodies. Even when fully grown, they still have excess skin, almost as if they’ve borrowed the skin from a Mastiff.

But the way they fit into their skin aside, Shar-Pei are a fiercely protective dog breed and make exceptional guard dogs. However, they don’t make a fuss about their guarding abilities; they’re not over the top and make excellent family dogs.

Shar Pei is the best apartment guard dog

Shar-Pei are independent thinkers, intelligent, and, if allowed to be, will become dominant. So if you’re planning on choosing the Shar-Pei as your guardian dog, you need to be firm and consistent when you train and socialize them.

Shar-Pei are a laid-back take-things-in-their-stride kind of a dog; they don’t go haring around and have limited exercise needs. Because of their low energy, they make excellent apartment dogs, and their medium size means they don’t take up too much room. However, you need to exercise them every day; they need to get out of the apartment at least a couple of times each day for a good thirty minutes or more.

In addition to their low energy needs, they are low maintenance on the grooming front. You’ll find weekly brushing more than sufficient to keep shedding to a minimum. Bathing dogs in an apartment is not the easiest thing, and a Shar-Pei is a good choice because you only need to bathe them every three to four months; three times a year isn’t too much to cope with, even in a small apartment.



I’m choosing a Boxer as a good guard dog for apartment living because, yes, they are high energy and need a lot of exercise. Still, they are easily trained, intelligent, and, believe it or not, are highly adaptable dogs.

Boxers love their human family and are exceptionally protective of them all, including children. In addition, Boxers aren’t incessant barkers. If you live in an apartment complex, sometimes you hear everything going on through the walls. The last thing you want is an excessive barking dog to antagonize your neighbors. However, if a stranger approaches your apartment, your Boxer will warn you by their low growling, enough to alert you and not annoy neighbors.

Two guard dogs Boxers on sofa

Boxers need the companionship of their family; that’s not to say you have to have a big family; you are all a family a Boxer needs. However, if you’re the only family member and out at work all day, a Boxer is a poor choice. The dog needs a great deal of exercise and a close family where they aren’t left alone for hours.

Boxers don’t do well in hot or icy environments. Suppose you live somewhere with freezing winters you need to buy them coats. Boxers have short, thin coats that don’t retain the dog’s body heat well; so, you need to help as much as possible.

Boxers are another breed with low maintenance coats; a weekly brush down and a bath every three months will suffice. The Boxer does shed but not excessively and are low to moderate shedders.


Best Guard Dog For Apartment Life


Chow Chow

Chow Chows might be the perfect medium-sized guard dogs suitable for apartment living. They are wary of strangers and can be aggressive towards other dogs. Still, they passionately love their family and are exceptionally protective—all the hallmarks of a first-class guard dog.

However, even allowing for their aggression to other dogs and suspicion of strange people, they are remarkably laid-back dogs, which seems like a contradiction but is, in fact, perfectly accurate.

Chow Chow dog guardian

Chow Chows score reasonably highly on intelligence tests. They have a stubborn streak that probably comes from their history of being employed as guard dogs of property, livestock, and people.

Independent thinking dogs such as the Chow Chow must be socialized and taken to obedience classes from a young age; if not, they can become dominant. That’s not what you want with the Chow Chow; for this reason, first-time owners shouldn’t adopt this dog. Living in an apartment with a Chow Chow isn’t a problem as long as you know and are experienced at handling this type of dog, and you ensure you give them plenty of outdoor exercise.

Chow Chows are not low maintenance dogs; rough-coated Chow Chows need brushing every day to keep shedding under control and keep their hair tidy and tangle-free. If you opt for the smooth-coated Chow Chow, you’ll not have quite so much work; a couple of brushes each week is sufficient.

In addition, both coat types need special attention around the eye area and the skin folds. Moisture trapped in these areas can soon give rise to bacterial or fungal infections, which will cause the dog severe stress.


What Is The Best Dog For A Small Apartment?


Standard Schnauzer

Providing you can offer the Standard Schnauzer an adequate amount of daily exercise, they’ll make an ideal guard dog for a small apartment.

Standard Schnauzers are high-spirited, strong-willed dogs; they are easily bored and can become restless very easily and quickly. I didn’t say it would be painless choosing a Standard Schnauzer as your small apartment guard dog, but if you can train and exercise correctly, you’ll be rewarded with an outstanding protection dog.

Standard Schnauzer Hypoallergenic guard dog

Schnauzers have a high degree of intelligence, devotion, and no small amount of bravery; put this together, and you have a fearsome protection dog that will look after you and yours with every ounce of courage the dog possesses. Beside this, they are also hypoallergenic if you happen to have issues with allergies.

I have to admit; if you want to be a successful owner of Schnauzer and you want them to be your protector, there’s going to be a lot of hard work on your behalf.

First, you cannot be a timid owner; Schnauzers will sense this and use their intelligence to thwart your every effort to train them. They are fast learners, making them a dream to train as long you don’t accept any nonsense. You will need to be firm and consistent; never give in to the dog’s demands, and never change your mind once you’ve given the dog a command stick at it until the dog obeys.

Another area of hard work will be taking care of the Schnauzer’s coat. Their coat is not easy-care; if you want your Schnauzer to look their best, you have a lot of clipping, trimming, and stripping ahead. Either that or a six-weekly visit to a professional groomer.

Having said all that, if you’re up for the challenge and want this dog, you’ll have a brilliant guard dog that’s devoted and utterly loyal to you.


Best Guard Dog For Apartments That Don’t Shed

English Bulldogs have a beautiful nature, are dependable around children, and make a fantastic family pet. Bulldogs are the perfect size to share your apartment; they are low-energy and will enjoy a sedate walk around your local neighbourhood. Make no mistake, the interest you’ll generate will astonish you.

Bulldogs are not great with cold or hot temperatures, and owners need to pay attention to this area of their bulldog’s care.

English Bulldogs are not heavy shedders, and their short coats need minimal care. You will probably only need to brush your Bulldog once a week. One area that needs special attention is the face and the skin folds. They can be numerous and pretty deep, so they’ll collect dirt and debris, and because of moisture build-up, bacterial and fungal infections will grow.

English Bulldog Portrait

In the past, owners used their Bulldogs to bait bears and Bulls, and once that “sport” was outlawed turned Bulldogs into fighting dogs. Bulldogs are still as courageous as ever they were and will always protect their family from harm.

I doubt many thieves or burglars would want to face down an enraged Bulldog.



Not every dog needs to be the size of a Doberman or Rottweiler to make an effective guard dog for apartment living. I’ve just given you five that will be happy living close to their family in an apartment. In addition, those dogs are all protective, devoted, and loyal to their families.